EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – An Edmond woman is demanding answers wondering why her neighborhood is filled with never-ending utility construction.

“I wrote ‘FD’ for French drain, and I put red paint all around it to show them don’t cut this, please,” said Nancy Davis. 

Davis told KFOR that stopping a contractor from damaging her French drain was just the beginning.

“We’ve never had a public utility come and tear up the yards like this,” said Davis. 

Orange tubes and dirt piles have been around her neighborhood for more than a month.

After calling 811, she found out AT&T had hired contractors to install fiber cables.

“They’re digging and destroying things like people’s watering systems,” said Davis. “They hit a mailbox over in the next neighborhood over.”

KFOR checked to see if that claim was valid.

A contractor told our news crew that he did have to fire a man for damaging this person’s mailbox.

It’s essential to remember utilities have the right to gain access in and around your property lines at any time without notice.

Davis argued it doesn’t have to be this destructive.  

“I am not the only person in this neighborhood who is upset about it,’ said Davis. “We would like them to come and monitor these people who are making all this mess.”

KFOR reached out to AT&T about Davis’ claims; they sent the following statement:

Our goal is to minimize impact on residents before, during and after construction and keep them informed throughout the network expansion process. This includes door hangers and signs to identify what’s occurring and how to contact us if there is an issue. When issues occur, we work quickly to resolve and restore any impacts from our work.

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