BOSTON, Mass. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman who nearly died from a ‘catastrophic brain injury’ after an electric scooter accident in November ran the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Rachel Foster, head chef and owner of Moni’s Pasta and Pizza in Edmond, fell off an electric scooter while out riding around her neighborhood with her husband, John.

Rachel Foster in hospital
Rachel Foster in hospital

The fall caused serious injuries to her head and broke several of her bones.

“They basically said a severely catastrophic brain injury, which I later found in medical literature, is a term for pretty much the worst type of brain injury, where there’s not really a chance of coming back,” said John.

Rachel was in an Oklahoma hospital, in a coma, for over a week.

But then a miracle happened. Just one day before Rachel would be removed from life support, she woke up.

After receiving surgery at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Rachel has spent the last few months in rehabilitation and training for the Boston Marathon.

“I have always been a runner at heart,” said Rachel. “It’s a stress relief for me and it helps me just kind of work through things in my own head.”

She qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2022 after competing in the OKC Memorial Marathon, and she wasn’t going to let her near-death experience keep her from what she loves.

“I know it might sound a little bit crazy, but I am there mentally and I’m getting there physically, so I’m getting geared up for it,” said the restaurant owner.

Rachel Foster and running buddy at Boston Marathon
Rachel Foster and her running companion at Boston Marathon 2023. Image courtesy John Foster.

On Monday, her hard work paid off as she competed in 127th Boston Marathon.

Rachel crossed the finish line with a time of 5:44:46.

Regardless of her time, though, it is clear Rachel Foster is a winner of epic proportions.