SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – A tornado wiped out a multi-million dollar town home development near Downtown Seminole, just eight months before tenants were set to move in.

“We’re looking at a pile of wasted money here,” said developer Brandon Streater.

Streater reacted to piles of torn timber thrown across his property. The luxury $8.5 million dollar town home project was destroyed by a tornado.

“Eight months left to go, and now we get to start over from scratch,” said Streater. “They all either shifted or leaned or were picked up like this one and thrown four-feet in a general direction. And they’re gone.”

One of the two-story units is now one-story. The first floor crumbled beneath it.

“That’s supposed to be the second floor. That’s supposed to be 20-something feet in the air,” said Streater.

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Town homes in Seminole leveled by a tornado. Photo from KFOR.

The twister cracked sheetrock, busted windows, and ripped through thick plywood like paper.

“Just the power of the tornado. It didn’t just break the boards, it tore them in half and threw them in other buildings,” said Streater.

To the untrained eye, the other intact units appeared to be fine. However, the strong winds warped the frames.

“Once a building like that shifts, there’s no structural integrity anymore,” the developer said.

Streater said he now has to put another $13 million dollars into the homes. Thankfully, insurance has him covered.

“There’s a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel, especially in every disaster like this,” he said.

On Thursday, Streater paid his construction crew to use his equipment to help Seminole residents pick up the pieces of the town. The work on the town homes start Friday.

“Tomorrow we’ll be tearing these down and start with the building erection and keep shaking and baking,” said Streeter.

The grand opening has now been set back a year.

Over half the homes had been pre-leased. Streater said he’ll be cutting the future tenants a check to make it worth the wait.