EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – The El Reno Police Department (ERPD) is warning residents of a believable phone scam threatening a warrant arrest if the victim does not pay.

ERPD officials say potential victims are contacted via telephone from what appears to be a legitimate telephone number associated with the El Reno Police Department, 405-262-6941.

The callers say the victim is wanted on an outstanding warrant and they must pay up in order to avoid arrest.

The caller then instructs the victim to go to a local business to facilitate an electronic payment process.

“This activity is a type of financial scam and is not associated with the El Reno Police Department,” said Major Kirk Dickerson, ERPD Asst. Chief. “Officers of the El Reno Police Department will not contact persons regarding a municipal warrant via telephone nor would a person be instructed to arrange payment for such a warrant utilizing a third party business.”

If you receive one of these calls, police say to hang up immediately.

If you have a question or concern about your warrant status, contact the El Reno Municipal Court Clerk at 405-295-9320.