EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – El Reno Police are investigating a deadly shooting that officers say started with a head-on car crash, that led to shouting, then gunfire.

“Somebody just got shot outside of my house,” said the 911 caller to dispatch.

El Reno Police got the call around 3:30pm on Tuesday from Foreman near Shepard Avenue.

“He’s laying on the ground I do not think he’s breathing,” said the 911 caller.

“I thought, ‘Is that a gun going off?'” said Evelyn Ferguson, who lives nearby.

Police said two men crashed their trucks head on and then got out.

“There was not a physical altercation. He literally just shot him,” said the caller. “Oh god, the man has not moved. I think he’s dead.”

According to the 911 call, the suspect stayed on scene.

Dispatcher: “Where did the car go?”

Caller: “He’s still there, standing over him.”

“And when emergency crews responded, they did in fact, find a 52-year-old male that had suffered a gunshot wound,” said Assistant Chief Kirk Dickerson, with the El Reno Police Department. “That individual has been identified as Christopher Williams. He was pronounced deceased.”

The case is still very early on in the investigation, so officers have not released many details.

William’s fiance’ told News 4 she is still trying to wrap her head around this and did not want to go on camera. However, she said Williams was “point-blank murdered by his sister’s husband,” after his sister would allegedly not talk to them about their recently deceased mother.

However neighbors and other News 4 sources are hearing a different story.

“The people on the corners told us that it was over a money problem, that one brother had got the money and the other one didn’t get any,” said Ferguson.

El Reno police said they have interviewed the person of interest but so far no one has been arrested.