OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman’s last wish was to raffle her car off to one lucky person who attended her funeral. It was in her obituary and her funeral was a packed house. KFOR finally got to announce the winner this week.  

Diane Sweeny’s funeral last year had an unexpected turnout! Dozens of people who didn’t know her showed up to the funeral. 

The family has been waiting over a year for paperwork to be finalized to give the car away. This week, a person who the family does not know won the car! 

It was Diane Sweeny’s last wish to give away her 2016 Volkswagen Beetle to a guest at her funeral. This week her family finally saw the wish through. 

“I’m excited for Aunt Diane’s memory to live on this way,” said Suzanne Singleterry, niece of late Diane Sweeney. 

The seats at Diane Sweeny’s funeral were full last year with friends, family and people the family didn’t recognize. 

It didn’t matter if you knew her or not, everyone was invited. 

“This is exactly how she would have wanted it. People from all walks of life were here. All ages, faces, races. Some of them came just because they heard about this woman’s story, and they needed a car,” said Singleterry. 

This week, the family finally fulfilled Diane’s last wish. 

Everyone who attended was put into a drawing and one lucky winner was chosen. 

16-year-old Gabriella Bonham from El Reno won the car. 

She was one of the guests the family did not know.

On a phone call to Bonham, the family said, “Congratulations, you were the winner!” 

Bonham said, “This is crazy! Thank you guys so much!” 

The teen said she has always wanted a Volkswagen Beetle. 

“I have a hand-me-down car that has some issues, and we were trying to figure out ways that I could get a new car. So, it was just, an answer to prayers,” said Bonham.

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Bonham said when she saw the story on KFOR, she convinced several family members to attend the funeral with her. 

“I think it was really cool that she was like that and her family, I am really grateful for them that they were able to continue her wishes,” said Bonham.  

The family finally fulfilled Diane’s last request. 

“We had a divine feeling from the start that this would see through one way or another,” said Ricky Ingram, nephew of late Diane Sweeney. 

Gabriella is out of town, so she will be picking up her car this Friday.  

She said the first place she will be driving it is to work! 

The family picked out 10 additional names from the raffle box and will give a small appreciation gift to those who attended the funeral.  

They will be calling those winners sometime this week.