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EL RENO, Okla. (KFOR) – Residents in El Reno and Union City have been without water for going on eight days after a historic winter storm blew through the Sooner State. 

Cities all over the state are still dealing with water issues.

Residents in El Reno and Union City are among those left without a drop.

Several of them said they are having to travel into Yukon just to do laundry.

Dirty Duds Wash House in Yukon was nearly packed Monday afternoon, and all the people traveling to visit it had something in common.

“We have a little bitty trickle of water,” said Jane Albers, a resident of El Reno who has no water at home. 

“We don’t even have a trickle,” said Brandi Smith, another resident in El Reno with no water at home. “We don’t have a drip.” 

“We haven’t had any water since last Tuesday,” said Wayne Garner, a resident of Union City with no water at home. “We don’t know when we’re going to get anymore.” 

Union City relies on El Reno for their city’s water source and the water crisis has now left both of them without it.  

“We’ve been filling up jugs, having to flush the toilet with jugs of water, we’ve been showering at my mom’s house,” Smith said. “Laundry piled up, kids need clothes and clean underpants.”  

El Reno’s Mayor Matt white said it’s a fluid situation right now. 

“It’s just going to take time and we’re getting there,” White said. “Just have to be patient.” 

White blamed OG&E’s rolling blackouts during last week’s winter storm hitting the water plants without warning. Although the lights are back on now, the plants still haven’t caught up. White added that it was a long sequence of events getting the cities to where they are now. 

“Everybody’s running their water at night, so when we normally get caught up, we couldn’t get caught up. Then we had some leaks, then we had some freezing up on some resident lines,” White said. “Oklahoma City had to cut us back a couple days ago in order for them to fix leaks and get their system back up.” 

The people dealing with it all said they are hoping for an end in sight. 

“I’d just like to know if they know when it’s going to get better,” Albers said. 

However, Mayor White said there is no timeline at this point. 

“This is the first time we’ve had problems ever,” he said. “This is a first, historical event for El Reno, for a lot of communities.” 

White said he understands the frustration of the town residents in both places. They are still asking for everyone to conserve what water they have as they work to restore it. According to White they are “virtually” working block to block in town trying to fix the issues.