LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) – An elderly man is facing complaints of possessing controlled dangerous substances with the intent to distribute after Luther Police found him with nearly 200 painkillers.

“Unfortunately, these days and times, crime does not have an age limit,” said a Luther Police Officer that told News 4 he needed to stay anonymous.

On Wednesday April 12, Luther Police said an officer spotted George Shaffer Sr. driving along Highway 66. The officer told News 4 the 83-year-old had been on the department’s radar for years. In the report, the officer said the police had “prior knowledge through tips from multiple confidential informants that Shaffer frequents locations in Lincoln County to sell and purchase narcotics.”

George Shaffer Sr. Courtesy of the Luther Police Department

When the officer pulled out behind the 83-year-old, he noticed Shaffer Sr. was driving with a handicap placard on his rear-view mirror. So, he pulled him over.

“You cannot operate a motor vehicle with them hanging from the rearview mirror. It specifically says on the handicapped placards to remove before driving,” said the officer.

The officer said Shaffer appeared nervous and refused to let the officer search his car. After threatening to call in a K9, the officer told Shaffer, “go ahead and hand me over the pills he had inside the vehicle.”

Courtesy of the Luther Police Department

Officers said Shaffer pulled out a bottle from his pant’s pocket and a bottle from the center console. In total, officers found 197 prescription painkillers.

Courtesy of the Luther Police Department

Police said Shaffer had a prescription for some of them. Shaffer said the others belonged to his son.

Courtesy of the Luther Police Department

Luther PD also found three credit cards and an EBT card that did not belong to him.

“His excuse was that he takes these people out to shop and he has holes on the cards for them,” said the officer.

The department said they had a similar run-in with Shaffer in 2020.

“For having in his possession pills, a large amount of cash and possession of credit, debit cards that belonged to other people. However, at that time, the Oklahoma district attorney’s office declined to file charges,” said the officer.

Luther police said Shaffer faces complaints of possessing controlled-dangerous substances with the intent to distribute, possession of stolen credit cards, and obstructing the driver’s view.

Shaffer has since bonded out of jail.