OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A well-known allergy doctor, who has been in the headlines for months, is now recovering from injuries allegedly from domestic abuse.

It’s the latest surprise for her former patients at The Oklahoma Institute of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

“We first noticed something in regards to a cyber issue in early February,” Dr. Amy Darter Weaver told News 4 back in May, when we first covered the signs at her allergy clinic claiming it was under a “cyber attack.”

“We’ve had difficult to getting a forensic analysis,” said Dr. Darter. “But unfortunately, it’s been way too slow.”

During that May interview, her husband Kenton Weaver, was also in the room. The 50-year-old is now in the Oklahoma County Detention Center for allegedly violently attacking Dr. Darter.

On Wednesday night, Oklahoma City Police said they responded to a call, from someone other than Dr. Darter, at her home.

According to the police report, officers learned that hours before their arrival, Weaver “came at her with the razor blade and cut her in her legs, arms, her right hand, neck and face” while she was in bed which was located on the floor, “in an odd place.”

During the attack Weaver allegedly “put his hands around her neck and choked her.”

Weaver was arrested at an Edmond Hospital. The police report shows Dr. Darter did not want to press charges.

Meanwhile, Dr. Darter is facing mounting legal troubling, including a $1million lawsuit from a pharmaceutical company and pressure from angry patients. A Facebook group was created by patients who are trying to obtain their medical records from Dr. Darter.

“What she has done to so many people and and seemingly doesn’t care,” said Amber Godfrey, a former patient.

In June, The Oklahoma State Medical Board filed a formal complaint against Darter after it received more than 70 complaints about those records.

“Most of the time it’s one complaint, maybe two or three,” said Lyle Kelsey, executive director of the State Medical Board.

In the document, investigators said Dr. Darter “provided no credible evidence to support her claims” of a cyber attack on her clinic.

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There is another new development in lawsuits Dr. Darter is facing.

A lawsuit, filed on August 14th, shows another pharmaceutical company is suing the doctor for nearly $167,000.

News 4 talked to family at Dr. Darter’s home on Thursday and were repeatedly told “no comment.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, call the Oklahoma Safeline at 1-800-522-HELP (7233).