UPDATE @ 10:00 P.M.

In body camera video obtained from Enid Police, an officer asked Roberto Cruz Lopez if he had a license. Lopez said he’s been using his passport and his lawyer is working on the paperwork so he can get a license.

Later in the footage, the officer asked Lopez if he had a driver’s license from his country. Lopez said no.

Lopez was pulled over in September for speeding and had no license. News 4 looked into his driving record. He’s been pulled over multiple times over the past 20 years; most of them include not driving with a license.

Enid Police are asking anyone who may have seen what happened in the incident to come forward and tell police what they know.

As of Thursday morning, Enid Police said Luskey is in critical condition.

The investigation is ongoing.


ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – A man is in custody after allegedly hitting and severely injuring a crossing guard outside an Enid elementary school Wednesday afternoon.

According to the police report, 61-year-old Daniel Luskey was walking into the crosswalk with his stop sign near Glenwood Elementary just before 3 p.m. Wednesday, when he was struck by a Ford F-250 and hit his head on the pavement.

Witnesses say the truck was turning right onto Chestnut Ave. when the collision occurred. When Luskey saw the truck was going to hit him, he put his hands on the hood in an attempt to stop it.

The driver, 49-year-old Roberto Cruz Lopez, told officers he did not see Luskey because the sun was in his eyes and he didn’t think Luskey was in the crosswalk.

One of the officers recognized Lopez from a traffic stop in late September, where he was cited for speeding and driving without a valid license. His vehicle was also towed for driving without insurance.

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Luskey was flown to OU with severe head trauma, according to the Enid Police Department.

Roberto Cruz Lopez. Image courtesy Garfield County Detention Facility.

Officers arrested Lopez on several charges, including Causing Personal Injury Accident Without Valid Driver’s License, Full Time and Attention to Driving, Failure to Carry Security Verification, Failure to Yield to Pedestrian, and Interference with Traffic Control Device.

His bond is set at $50,000.