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ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – An Enid man is saying he was brutally attacked by a man with a metal baseball bat and that he was struck 25 to 50 times.

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Zackios Jacklik

On March 4, officers with the Enid Police Department arrived at the St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Enid to witness a severely injured man who was struggling to speak due to the pain he was in.

“He did have some very severe injuries,” said Enid PD spokesman Cass Rains. “[The victim had] about a two-inch laceration to the right side of his nose. There was also blood in the hospital bed. He had suffered a laceration to the back of his head. He also had noticeable bruising to his arm and hands.”

The victim alleged the injuries on his arms and hands were from defending himself while being attacked.

“He told our officer he’d been hit between 25 to 50 times with the baseball bat,” Rains said.

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The bat Jacklik allegedly used to attack the victim.

Zackios Jacklik can be seen on police body cam video bringing the bloody bat out of his home and then setting it on the ground outside.

He told officers that he and the victim were working on a car and that the victim tried to steal some car parts from him.

“The suspect had accused [the victim] of hiding car parts inside the suspect’s garage with the intent of coming back later to steal them,” Rains explained.

In the body cam video, Jacklik seemingly admitted to attacking without first being attacked.

“But you told us he didn’t attack you, he didn’t provoke you, he didn’t assault you first? You essentially hit him with the bat because he stole the car parts?” the officer is heard asking.

Surveillance image of the suspect holding the bat he allegedly used to beat the man.

Jacklik agrees and is then arrested. He told officers he only hit the victim three or four times.

He’s now facing a felony charge of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.