ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – Enid Police said bullets flew through the air at a weekend party, and the same thing happened just the weekend before.

Now, officers are following clues left at the scene in a search for answers.

“Oh my gosh, how many shots do you think? Probably about 15,” said a 911 caller to dispatch. “It sounded like a, kind of like a machine gun.”

Around 2 a.m. on August 5, Enid Police said they responded to someone firing off shots in a tightly-packed residential neighborhood, near 21st and Cypress, for the second weekend in a row.

“It sounded like the same spot as the other day,” said another 911 caller.

When they arrived at the scene, officers said they found several people at a party, and clues in the street.

“Where are they at? Oh, right under your car too?” said one officer to another on body camera footage. “There’s two more right here. Three more right here.”

After combing the area, Enid Police said they found 10 bullet casings and about 30 blood splatters in a trail.

“It tells us that somebody was injured in some manner at that party and they went out into the road and were picked up, most likely by a vehicle driven away from the scene,” said Detective Frank Bruno, with the Enid Police Department.

Now, officers are asking, where is the victim? Police said they checked area hospitals, but nothing came up that could be related.

Meanwhile, party goers are staying quiet for now. However, according to the police report one told an officer “after he heard the gunshots he heard someone yelling ‘it hurts.'”

Now, officers are asking residents what they know.

“We want to figure out who our victim is because from there they can figure out who did the shooting,” said Detective Bruno. “We’re concerned there’s possibly a pattern of some type of retaliation.”

If you know of someone who was shot or even stabbed at a party around this time in Enid, call Enid Police.