ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – One neighborhood in Enid is without water Tuesday because crews are working to improve their water pressure.

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A City of Enid news release.

The neighborhood is off of Leone Mitchell Boulevard. Mounds of dirt are visible throughout the streets where construction teams dug up the old pipes.

Joyce Padgett is a resident of the area and said that she pushed for the new project.

“Before, if I turned on water in my bathroom, my main bathroom, I would not have water in my kitchen or I would have a dribble because the water lines, which I have a sample of, were so clogged with iron,” said Padgett.

Assistant City Manager Scott Morris said that the new project will help 200 homes.

He said this pipe replacement was planned out last year, and 25 percent of the contract is being paid for by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Morris said the city posted a notice for Tuesday’s outage.

Quinton Dority, another Enid resident living in the neighborhood, said he did not know about the notice.

“We just kind of woke up and didn’t have any water,” said Dority.

He fixes roofs for a living, and often helps neighbors with some of their personal needs. Dority said many people living in the area don’t have money for internet or they are older and not online.

“A lot of these people in this neighborhood don’t have access to Internet because they can’t afford it,” said Dority. “What is putting something on a website benefitting people who are never going to see it, but we all have mailboxes.”