ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – COVID-19 has taken a lot from 47-year-old Gloria Marquez but she’s just thankful to be alive. 

“I can’t walk,” she said. “I have dropped foot. I can’t feel my left foot at all. Can’t move it. I have this problem with my throat. I don’t have any hair anymore. You know, I had long, thick hair.”

Gloria Marquez, courtesy Marquez

It is a long list of lingering effects for Marquez.

“My mother and I were both exposed at the same time,” she said. “We both got tested, but she went to the hospital first.”

Gloria remembers hallucinations before she went to the hospital. Her oxygen level was at 50%.

She received treatment and was sent home. Not long after, the hallucinations returned as her oxygen dropped again.

“I remember eating lunch at the hospital and then, all of a sudden, I woke up in September. This was in July, the middle of July, and I woke up in mid-September,” Marquez said. 

Gloria was transferred from Enid to Oklahoma City.  Still, her condition deteriorated.

“They called my family to tell them that I had about three hours to live – that my heart couldn’t take it anymore,” said Marquez. “So my family came.”

In that heartbreaking moment, saying goodbye, Gloria found strength to live.

“I guess I felt my children there,” she said. “So that maybe calmed me down, I don’t know.”

In November, she finally got to go home but it has been rough.

She has a feeding tube, is on nine medications, and cannot walk on her own yet.

Gloria Marquez, courtesy Marquez

“Therapists say probably three or four months, I’ll be able to walk with the walker by myself,” said Marquez.

Gloria didn’t have underlying health conditions but she was also not vaccinated.

She still has no plans to get the vaccine.

“I mean, I know that’s probably going to sound terrible to a lot of people, but I have not changed my mind about it,” said Marquez. 

Though COVID changed her life, she says the silver lining is her family’s strong bond.  

“We tell each other we love each other more and just appreciate our lives,” Marquez said.

This was Gloria’s second time to have COVID-19.

She said she tested positive for antibodies in 2020 early on in the pandemic.

Her mother has some lingering issues with her lungs but is also recovering.