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ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – An Enid woman is recovering in an Oklahoma City hospital after she was mauled by three dogs while walking just yards away from her own home Tuesday afternoon.

“Oh my gosh,” said a caller to dispatch operators. “The dogs are attacking somebody! Hurry up!”

The panicked call to 911 happened Tuesday afternoon around 4:30 p.m. That’s when police said three dogs, a heeler and two heeler mixes, attacked 29-year-old Enid resident Myriah Uselton, only yards away from her home near 11th and Randolph.

“Oh no, this was traumatic,” said Alan Kennedy, Uselton’s father. “I got to see her wounds and they’re just…pretty bad.”

Kennedy said Uselton has special needs and takes daily walks around her neighborhood.

While Uselton was out, Kennedy got the call from police.

“I don’t even know if I put my teeth in or nothin’. I just hustled on out,” Kennedy said. “As soon as I came around and she saw me, she quit crying. She had to have been hurting really bad.”

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Myriah Uselton

The wounds covering Uselton’s body were deep and gruesome.

“Almost to the bone, and I could see fatty tissue and muscle,” her father said. “It was a pretty big shock when I saw her.”

Uselton’s arms and legs took the brunt of the attack. The wounds were so bad, she was medi-flighted to a metro hospital for emergency surgery. Doctors told Kennedy his daughter may suffer permanent nerve and tendon damage, in addition to the lifelong scars.

“I’m not sure what kind of use she’s going to have with her arms or fingers,” the father said. “They might have to do a skin graft.”

Enid Police said it’s unclear if the dogs were let out, escaped or if Uselton went into their space.

In addition to the three dogs being put down, the owner was also fined.

“They spoke with them and found he had two other dogs that were not involved in the attack, but were not licensed properly through the city,” said Cass Rains, the Public Relations Coordinator for the Enid Police Department.

The police report also shows the man received three other city citations for keeping “dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs.”