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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – For the first time since the state’s investigative audit into Epic Charter Schools, the school board addressed allegations Wednesday night at a school board meeting.

The board disagreed with many of the allegations against them, including allegedly underreporting more than $8 million in administrative payroll to the State Board of Education.

One of the school’s attorneys, Libby Scott, claims the payroll wasn’t reported as administrative because although certain employees have a “supervisor” title, they don’t actually manage or supervise anyone.

“Hundreds of employees have the title of director or manager, but that does not mean they direct or manage,” said Scott.

The State Board of Education is demanding more than $11 million back from Epic Charter Schools.

Epic administrators admitted they provided services to the state of California without receiving payment in a timely manner, but says all the money is accounted for and Oklahoma has not lost any money.

“It was a mistake, but once we learned of the mistake, once the school learned of the mistake…once it was paid back, it was a gain to the state of Oklahoma,” said Scott.

Epic’s board also addressed the state’s Virtual Charter School Board’s decision to begin the process of terminating Epic’s contract with the state.

The school was given just 14 days to reply, but some say this is unreasonable because they haven’t been given all of the documentation supporting the allegations against them.

As of 10 p.m. Wednesday, the board meeting was ongoing. This story is developing.