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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The chaos ended at around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning in downtown Oklahoma City. A police chase erupted in gunfire as bullets were sprayed into police vehicles.

“I don’t know who shot first,” said Capt. Dan Stewart with Oklahoma City police.

Chopper 4 shows the gunman’s weapon was still visible on scene. His body wasn’t far away. There was also another horror that unfolded a little more than 12 hours before in southeast Oklahoma City.

Shatica Hixon was found shot and killed in her southeast Oklahoma City home Tuesday afternoon and 14-month-old Zyla Milburn was nowhere to be found. Police believe Zyla Milburn was taken by her father Brandon Milburn.

“It’s just unbelievable to think that she went thru that pain,” said Hixon’s close friend and family member Shawntel Nye.

Friends of Hixon, like Nye, described Milburn’s relationship with Shatica as rocky at best.

“He beat her up all the time, he gashed her head open and threw her downstairs; they got into it quite a bit,” Nye said.

However, Milburn’s brother Vinson paints a different picture.

“Every time I had seen them, they were pretty happy,” he said.

Shortly after Shatica was found dead, police believe Milburn may have also shot and killed another man just seven miles away. This was before he allegedly carjacked two others.

“I believe the suspect is the dad,” Stewart said Tuesday.

It’s unclear if Zyla was with him at this time. However, KFOR learned at some point in the afternoon, Zyla was first handed off to her grandfather, then to her aunt, Milburn’s sister. Milburn’s sister then drove the 14-month-old child to the Love County Detention Center in southern Oklahoma to give the child to authorities shortly after the Amber Alert was called.

“She saw the Amber Alert and realized that the Amber Alert was the baby that she had in a vehicle,” said Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham. “She came back to the Love County center; the Oklahoma highway patrol picked her up at about the 15-mile mark and escorted her back on in.”

A few hours later, shortly before 10 o’clock, Milburn called his brother.

“There was fear in his voice and remorse and regret and shame. He wanted to turn himself in, we had talked about it,” Vinson Milburn said.

It would be the last time they ever spoke. Vinson told KFOR the 37-year-old man was the man shot by police.

“My brother is not a monster,” he said. “He was just a man trying to have a family support his family.”

KFOR is still awaiting confirmation from police on if Milburn is the man that was shot and killed Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, Shatica’s loved ones are also mourning.

“It’s not fair – he killed his girlfriend, his baby,” Nye said. “Now his other baby don’t have a mom or a dad.”

Shatica Hixon was pregnant with a second child. Right now, it’s still unclear how the manhunt at Lake Stanley Draper plays into this incident. An officer was shot when the chase ended, but he was shot in his bullet proof vest and is okay.