OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Holiday air travel has been chaotic across the country due to the rapid spread of the omicron variant and winter storms but what can you expect when you fly locally out of Oklahoma City?

At Will Rogers World Airport, the early birds may catch the worm but they’re going to have to wait in line for it.

“If you’re flying out between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., just know that you need to give yourself plenty of time,” said airport spokesperson Stacey Hamm. “All airlines are really busy early in the morning, along with TSA.”

Hamm says Thursday and Sunday mornings are always the busiest time to try to catch a flight but the holiday season can make the lines longer any day of the week.

“You may stand in the security checkpoint line for probably 30 minutes or so,” she said. “So just make sure that you arrive two hours early, if not a little earlier than that.”

Over the Christmas weekend, the spread of the omicron coronavirus variant was blamed for the cancellation of some 10,000 flights across the country.

Hamm says it’s important to continually check the status of your flight online, even though cancellations haven’t hit Oklahoma City as hard.

“We haven’t had too many,” she said. “It has been United and Southwest who has been consistent with those flight cancelations.”

One thing you can expect is a busy start to the new year.

“January 1st, we’re anticipating a lot of people coming back home from their holiday travels and we have the the military, Fort Sill, they’re flying back in January 1st through the 3rd, coming back through and just our regular arrivals as well,” said Hamm. 

You can check the status of arrivals and departures at flyokc.com.