OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The State Fair of Oklahoma kicks off Thursday – and crews are busy making sure every detail is ready for some family fun.

That includes the more than 60 rides available for you to enjoy at this year’s fair.

Long before you ever climb on one of these rides – there’s a team of people making sure every single inch is safe.

“We show up out here on Sunday when they are starting to set up and we’re looking at the rides, some of them we look at before they come off the trailers,” said Allen McElyea, Chief Ride Inspector for the Oklahoma Dept. of Labor. 

Thursday’s the big day – showtime for the Oklahoma State Fair – and with more than 60 rides, there’s something for everyone.

“We bring in the big ferris wheel,” said Gary Zaitshik with Wade Shows, Inc. “That’s a very unique ride, one-of-a-kind ride in North America. We also have the spinning coaster, the extra, extra large size spinning coaster, mighty mouse.”

That’s not all – for the thrill seekers…

“We have the mega drop riders, 120 foot tall,” Saitshik said. “It drops it down to 0 to 60 and about one and a half seconds. It’s pretty fast. It’s not my speed.”

Some of the rides have traveled as far as 600 miles to be here – and the Oklahoma Department of Labor’s team, as well as two other sets of third party inspectors have been looking them over all week.

“So between all of us, there’s over 100 years of experience of amusement ride inspectors down here,” said McElyea. 

The inspectors check out the rides in every stage of the building process through the test runs and eventually – through the ten days the fair is open.

“We don’t leave until the light from the big wheel goes out,” McElyea said. “That’s kind of an industry standard. The fair’s over when the lights on the big wheel go off every night.”

The fair runs from tomorrow, September 15 through the 25th.

For more information and to buy your tickets, visit the fair’s website.