OKMULGEE, Okla. (KFOR) – A lawsuit has been filed by the families of four murdered Oklahoma men. Their dismembered bodies were found in a river earlier this month. Family members filed the civil lawsuit against the person of interest in the case.  

The civil lawsuit was filed earlier this week. The person of interest, Joe Kennedy, is being sued by the families of Billy Chastain, Mark Chastain and Mikel Sparks. The families also filed the civil lawsuit against Kennedy’s wife. 

The dismembered bodies of the four men were found with gunshot wounds in mid-October in the Deep Fork River in Okmulgee.  

The person of interest, Joe Kennedy, owns the salvage yard near where police think the men were killed. 

Kennedy disappeared until he was arrested in central Florida after police alleged, he was driving a car reported stolen out of Oklahoma. 

Police later learned Kennedy was wanted for questioning in connection to the missing men’s murders. 

Now the widows of three of the four victims are suing Kennedy and his wife, Sandra.  

A judge signed a temporary injunction so the Kennedy’s cannot sell or transfer any property that they own for the time being.  

This lawsuit claims Kennedy’s wife filed for divorce the day Kennedy was arrested in Florida. 

The families allege that Kennedy’s wife filed for divorce in an effort to move or transfer assets. 

Lawyers say she is trying to get control of all the property they own. 

That would make it hard for the widows to be awarded any damages.  

The lawsuit also claims the Kennedy’s sold several dumpsters from their business after the men disappeared.  

According to the court documents, the families are accusing Kennedy of the wrongful deaths and is responsible for burial expenses, mental pain and anguish.  

The families are each asking Kennedy for $75,000.  

The hearing is set for Friday, November 4th, at the Okmulgee County District Court. 

Kennedy is a person of interest. Currently he is not facing any charges in connection to the deaths.