OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City family said they’re fed up with oil spills near their home, showing video evidence of the leaks spreading across their property. Now, they’re considering going to court over the matter.

While the oil well’s operator told KFOR possible leaks are the risk of living next to an oil well, the Vasquez family said two spills in a month is too much, and that something needs to be done so they can live in peace.

“It went under our deck, under the house,” shared Chris Vasquez. “It went under the driveway, basically everywhere.”

He said living next door to the oil well has been unpleasant for their family as of late. Oil has overflowed onto their property twice in the last month – May 28 and June 22.

“It started from the backyard and it started making its way all the way to the front of the driveway,” he explained. “So, I mean, that’s a lot of oil.”

The odor is making his father Mauricio Vasquez nauseous.

“We’re smelling it,” the father said. “We have the smell outside and inside the house. I felt like I was going to throw up for three days.”

The well, near Shields Boulevard and Southeast 52nd Street, is operated by White Operating Company.

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President Lloyd White declined an interview but told KFOR the two oil spills are “an unfortunate coincidence,” calling it rare for the well to break and leak, adding that a crew was sent to the Vasquez home to clean the oil, replace the grass and cut a check for damages.

But the Vasquez family is considering suing White Operating Co. for even more money, while also fearing that their oil-soaked yard could lead to something worse.

“It’s crazy that if a spark starts, you know, the house might burn down, you know?” Chris said. “That’s to the point we’re getting now. We got to be cautious of what we do. It’s our home. We shouldn’t feel like that.”

White said he doesn’t believe there’s any fire threat to the Vasquez home. His staff is planning to visit the house again soon for further assessment and to continue repairing the oil well.