MILFAY, Okla. (KFOR) – Several family members are now grieving after a Friday morning house fire took the lives of two young children and their parents in Milfay.

“Kota was my cousin but he was like my brother,” said Katrina Thompson. “We are just a very close family. He would have been so miserable without his family. They were a team and did everything together.”

| Milfay house fire leaves 4 dead early Friday morning >

Thompson says her cousin Dakota, his wife Mackenna, and their two kids meant the world to them and everyone else in the family.

According to officials, Stroud and Milfay Fire Department arrived to find three people dead and one burn victim. That burn victim would be taken to the hospital where they would later die.

“As hard it is for us, that’s how we found peace in this all is they are all together,” said Thompson. “At first, we didn’t realize how bad Kota was and thought we only lost Kenna and the kids but when he left we had to realize Kota needed to go.”

As for the children, Thompson says they were extremely close with their grandmother Nanny.

“William (Will) was three-years-old and Ellie was five-years-old,” said Thompson. “They were her world. She has 14 great-grandkids but these ones lived here on the property with her. So we all know they were the favorite and the babies.”

Thompson has set up a Gofundme to help with funeral expenses for the family but says their staying together is the biggest takeaway from this.

“Something I hope we do in honor of them is staying close,” said Thompson.