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Correction: The spelling of the missing teen has been updated.

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Investigators could be closer to solving a murder mystery. 

On Monday morning, Oklahoma City police were called to an apartment complex near N.W. 12th and Rockwell, where they say a body was found. 

Officers say the death is suspicious, but they aren’t releasing the victim’s name yet. 

However, family and friends tell KFOR that it is 17-year-old Haylie Gonzalez. 

“It’s been exhausting, just really hard for me and for the other ladies that have been helping me out,” said Hailey’s friend, Adriana Mendoza. 

For weeks, Mendoza has been leading the search for her missing friend. 

“She means a lot, like a daughter. She would call me mom,” said Mendoza. 

According to court documents, Gonzalez went to a party on July 4th, just a mile away from Monday’s scene. 

Reports show it was the home of Eduardo Bonilla-Lopez

Later that night, an investigation revealed Gonzalez called a friend, scared, and asking for a ride. 

Another person told authorities that they were at a party when Bonilla-Lopez shot and killed someone. 

That same person said he later received a FaceTime call from Lopez, asking for help dumping a body. 

The FaceTime call reportedly showed Gonzalez in her final moments. 

KFOR spoke with Gonzalez’s mother, Yvonne Turner, last month. 

“She was real caring, she was very energetic, outgoing,” said Turner, “I don’t understand why somebody would do that to her. Like what was the reason?”

Bonilla-Lopez was arrested for murder and kidnapping in connection with Gonzalez’ death and disappearance. 

Now friends and family are hoping for some final closure. 

“Closing the chapter, and finally she gets to go to Texas, where she belongs,” said Mendoza. 

It will be up to the medical examiner to determine the official cause of death.