UPDATE: 08/28/2023 8:46 AM

According to the Earlsboro Assistant Chief of Police, Tiffany Hall has been located and is safe.


EARLSBORO, Okla. (KFOR) – An Earlsboro woman’s family is on a desperate search to find her, three weeks after she went missing.

Tiffany Hall hasn’t been seen since August 4.

“It’s been two or three people [that] say they saw her ‘here, there’ … then come to find…it wasn’t her. We’re just trying to know for sure know that she’s okay and not being harmed or held against her will,” said her sister Jamie Wynn, in an interview Thursday with the station.

A store clerk from Crows Farm Market in Shawnee told KFOR’s Ashley Moss that she stopped in the store for a while, then left with a couple after asking for a ride.

Tiffany Hall was last seen leaving Crows Farm Market on August 4th.

Earlsboro put out an alert on social media asking for the public’s help in finding her:

“We have seen her on camera at Tinker Federal Credit Union in Shawnee on the day she was last seen. We have also gotten a report she was seen walking through a neighborhood near 45th and Kickapoo in Shawnee wearing the same clothing. That is the only info we have at this time,” said Earlsboro Police in a statement to the station.

Earlsboro Police posted this alert to Facebook on August 14th, asking anyone with information to contact them

From there, the trail goes cold.

“The bank said they saw her withdrawing money with a man. I don’t know who that could be, and I’d be scared … knowing that she has cash on her like that,” said Jamie.

“I’m just concerned with her well-being [and] her youngest kid is 12 years old and he really misses his mom,” she added.

KFOR stopped by the red brick house where Tiffany lives, but it was clear no one has been there for a while.

“She’s wonderful. Very nice, very caring, very generous person. That’s why I really don’t want nobody out here taking advantage of my sister,” Jamie said.

Tiffany Hall (L), pictured with her sister Jamie Wynn (R) in an undated photo

“We’re not going to stop searching until we know that she’s fine.”  

Tiffany’s sister says she suffers from medical and mental health problems that require medication.

She’s also lost a lot of weight and may be walking with a cane because of her health problems.

If you’ve seen her or have any additional information that could help, contact Earlsboro Police: (405) 997-3992.