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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The son of a death row inmate delivered a letter and 10,000 signatures to Gov. Kevin Stitt’s office Wednesday, in an attempt to save his father’s life a week before his scheduled execution. However, the family of Bigler Stouffer’s victim said they’ve heard all of this before and it’s time for the punishment to be carried out.

“Our feeling is, as long as he’s alive, he’s dangerous. He appears to be a sociopathic killer,” said Linda Reave’s cousin, Rodney Thomson.

“I’m here for two reasons. One, for my dad; and two, to find the truth,” said Bigler Stouffer III, also known as Trey. “This has not been a complete investigation from the first day.”

image of inmate
Bigler Stouffer

Bigler Stouffer’s son, spiritual advisor and the Death Penalty Action organization delivered a letter to Stitt a week before the execution. This also comes one week after the state pardon and parole board voted to grant Stouffer clemency.

“If there is a question, why would you proceed?” said Howard Potts, Stouffer’s spiritual advisor.

The 79-year-old has been convicted twice of killing Putnam City elementary teacher Linda Reaves in 1985. Prosecutors claimed Stouffer went to Reaves’ home to borrow a gun from her boyfriend, Doug Ivans. When Stouffer got the gun, he allegedly pulled the trigger on both of them. Reaves didn’t make it.

Linda Reaves
Linda Reaves

“Please, I’ve been shot,” said Ivans during a 911 call in 1985.

“Where you at?” said the dispatcher.

“Bud Stouffer shot me and one other person, and I’m dying,” Ivans said.

“There was no blood on me or my clothing at all. The state’s expert and the defense expert testified that the shooter would have blood spatter on them,” said Stouffer during his clemency hearing.

“Whoever shot Linda Reaves would’ve been covered in blood. I can’t even fathom how they’ve misconstrued that,” said Stouffer’s son.

“It’s been one fabrication after another,” said Thomson.

However, Trey is standing firm.

“I’m truly sorry for their loss. Dad didn’t do it,” said Trey.

“I feel for his son. I know he has to be suffering from this,” said Thomson. “But that being said, it doesn’t change the facts.”

You’ll remember last week, a stay of execution for Bigler Stouffer was denied.

Stouffer’s execution is set for Dec. 9.