MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) — A family in Moore was told by the city that their house is now condemned and unlivable. Back in May, the city said they got a call from someone who was worried about the condition of the house.

“We don’t want to leave our house. I mean, this is our home for 30 years…we’ve been through our life savings in this house,” said Ollie Duree and Dilwyn Duree, the homeowners.

The city told News 4, they’ve been talking with the homeowners about their home. That’s when the Durees had a structural engineer inspect the home.

“Apparently, they didn’t answer his questions to their satisfaction. So they had their own engineer come out. And when he came through and looked through the house, then he said that it needed a substantial amount of work,” said Ollie.

Now, an attorney is trying to extend how long the Durees can live in the home.

“I, you know, requested 30 days to have a contractor come out and look at the property and figure out what it would cost and how it could be financed, they provided me with 13 days,” said Robert Groshon, an attorney.

News 4 spoke to the city who condemned the house Tuesday morning.

“This particular engineer’s report identified issues that were very serious with the house and really raised a lot of health and safety concerns,” said Elizabeth Weitman, the Community Development Director.

Weitman said some of those concerns were structural issues.

“There’s a lot of termite damage on the sill plate. There’s areas where there is no foundation anymore. It’s been either shifted or just somehow that’s just not there anymore,” said Weitman.

The family and their attorney aren’t giving up on saving their home.

“So I requested the appeal with the city council and if need be, there’s always the district court that we can proceed to seek an injunction,” said Groshon.

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