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CHEYENNE, Okla. (KFOR) – A late night tornado made a direct path through Cheyenne on Sunday, leaving behind a trail of destruction and heartache.

The Roger Mills County Emergency Manager, Levi Blakketter told KFOR the storm came through the northwest side of town.

“As we were watching radar last night, the rotation set down right over the airport and you could see it on the radar, just set right down. We went ahead and blew the sirens for the second time and then from there the electricity went off, the computers went down and we started getting reports of damage,” said Blakketter.

Blackketter stated there are five homes deemed a total loss while several others have roof damage.

Near the city limits of Cheyenne, one family’s house is still standing, but is unlivable.

Nearly half of their roof has been peeled off, and an upstairs bedroom is now exposed.

“My son and his daughter and son live in this house, and we’re just trying to salvage what we can from inside,” said Dusti Kirk. “You just never expected it. I’ve lived here my whole life and never had anything hit by a tornado. We’ve had tornadoes come through this path before, but they’ve never damaged our house. We’ve, you know, lost fences and stuff, but never anything like this.”

Kirk said her daughter-in-law is being hit the hardest as she’s due in nine weeks and they just got married a year ago.

“We’re trying to save all their stuff from their wedding shower and trying to figure out where we’re going to go with them,” added Kirk.

About a mile down the road is another family who lost nearly everything, including their home.

“It’s gone. Everything’s gone,” said Ingrid Craven.

Craven told KFOR her daughter, son-in-law and their two kids have lived in their home since 2015.

What’s left is covered in debris and ruined by the twister.

“It’s just devastating. It’s just, you know, they have two little twin boys and, you know, just trying to explain to them what happened,” said Craven.

Fortunately, the family survived and no one was injured.

News 4 spoke with the father off-camera who said their belongings thrown around can be replaced.

He did manage to recover a high school state championship ring along with family photos.

He’s thankful his family was safe and made it out alive.

The family was hiding in an underground cellar behind their home when the tornado came through.

Another family member told KFOR off-camera once the storm was over, the family wasn’t able to exit the cellar because there was so much debris laying over top of it.

Thankfully, they made it out with the help of family and friends.

Several members of their community took the time Monday to help them salvage what was left and pick up the pieces.

“Look at all these people that help. Family, friends, you know, friends of friends, their relatives. It’s just such a good town to live in,” explained Craven.

Unfortunately, Blakketter has confirmed one fatality and at least three other injuries related to the storm.

A family member of the deceased has confirmed the victim’s name is Billy Trammell with Trammell Service Company.

She described him as a “good man.”

“It has been rough. The person we lost was married to my aunt for several years and we still counted him as family,” she told KFOR over text.

News 4 drove by Trammell’s house Wednesday afternoon.

The foundation of bricks was still there as well as the steps leading up to the house, but everything else was gone.

Across the street is an Oklahoma Department of Transportation building that has its roof peeled back.

News 4 asked Blakketter if FEMA would be coming by.

“I don’t think so,” he said.

Blakketter is asking anyone who can donate to do so.

He said they’re all set on cases of water, but do need gloves and safety glasses for workers in the area.

Water donations in Cheyenne. KFOR photo.

As for the two families KFOR spoke with, Kirk said they’re not in immediate need of assistance, but Craven’s family said they are.

There is an account set up with Security State Bank in Cheyenne under Ethan and Tana Smith.

They’re also asking for any donations of boys clothing.

They’re in need of boys pants in the size 5T, youth small and extra small shirts, and sizes 10 and 11 in boys shoes.

As for the Smiths, they’re asking for XL clothing.

KFOR Meteorologists say the National Weather Service damage survey for the tornado in Cheyenne has not yet been released, but they’re calling it a “strong” twister.