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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A northwest Oklahoma City father is now in jail and a child is in DHS custody after a welfare check of a home found it to be filthy.

“As it turns out, this ended up being what is often times referred to as a house of squalor,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

A 911 call from a woman inside a home near 178th and Western prompted Oklahoma City police to check the welfare of the people inside on Tuesday night.

“When they arrived, they were met by a gentleman there who indicated that a female inside the residence was having some issues, had not gotten out of bed for some period of time,” Knight said.

The woman told police she had been mentally abused by her husband and “could not take it anymore.”

According to the police report, there was “extreme amounts of cats and cat feces” and a “strong odor of ammonia from the cat urine” inside the home.

“They found cat feces everywhere and numerous cats. They also found a small child walking around without clothes on,” Knight said.

Police say the child wasn’t able to tell them when she last ate and she “appeared to be dirty and unkempt.”

And they could not find any edible food in the kitchen.

The girl said she ate tuna from a can but the report says the only can of tuna found in the home was “cat food.”

“They called for DHS to come out to check the welfare of the child and start their part of the investigation,” Knight said.

“The DHS worker was unable to even enter the residence because the odor was so strong” and she was getting sick.

The child was taken into DHS custody, while her father, Andrew Hutchison, was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail facing charges of child neglect.

KFOR went by the house on Thursday, finding animal welfare there bringing cats out of the home in cages. 

A neighbor who didn’t want to go on camera said the child was seen running around the front yard naked when she was younger. That neighbor said she warned the father it was dangerous to let her do that. She also said she told the family she was concerned about the number of cats in the home.

“It’s terrible walking into a setting like this, especially when you’ve got a small child that’s being raised in such filth. It’s hard to see and it’s hard to not be bothered by it when you see it. Especially somebody as defenseless as a small child,” Knight said.

The father faces charges of child neglect. As of Thursday afternoon, he’s still in the Oklahoma County Jail. The mother was not arrested.