APACHE, Okla. (KFOR) – An Apache Police investigation reportedly reveals Zachry Bailey, his 16-year-old wife, and his father may have played a part in the alleged defrauding of multiple people.

19-year old Zachry Bailey was arrested a week ago on two felony counts of Obtaining Property by Deception.

Bailey was booked into the Caddo County Detention Center and later transferred to the Oklahoma County Detention Center where he still sits of Monday.

His two felony counts stem from trying to defraud Cooper Auto Group on N. Kelley out of over $112,000, according to court documents.

A warrant for Bailey’s arrest was issued on August 1, but he wasn’t arrested until almost two weeks later by Apache Police.

Bailey’s dad, Phillip has now been arrested too for harboring a fugitive, according to the Apache Police Department.

Phillip Bailey. Photo courtesy: Caddo County Sheriff’s Office.

Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew: “Turn around and put your hands behind your back. I have a warrant for your arrest.”

Phillip Bailey: “For mine?”

Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew: “Yes, sir. Turn around.”

Phillip Bailey: “Are you serious?”

Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew: “Come on. Turn around. Don’t fight me.”

Phillip Bailey: “Oh God. Come on. What did I do?”

Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew: “Charged with a felony, harboring a fugitive, a criminal.”

Phillip Bailey: “You guys know that I’m already on probation. I wouldn’t do nothing to break the law. I didn’t ask my son to move in down here guys. I wasn’t harboring him.”

Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew: “You knew he was wanted.”

Phillip Bailey: “No, I didn’t. We talked to a lawyer on Thursday… I talked to a lawyer on Thursday and he said… that he had to turn himself in on Monday. I told you that when you were out here at my house when you came to pick him up on Sunday morning.”

On top of Phillip now facing a felony count of harboring a fugitive, he is currently serving a six year deferred sentence. He pleaded guilty to a felony count of Bogus Check/Con Game in 2020.

Apache Police Chief Brynn Barnett told KFOR he along with Zachry and his 16-year-old wife may now face additional charges based on their investigation.

“We’re working on some cases involving that whole little family there as far as some felony conspiracy. Hopefully we’ll have some charges coming very, very soon on those three subjects for sure.”

Since Zachry’s arrest, Chief Barnett said the Apache Police Department has received five or six phone calls from alleged victims.

“We’re back to that same old Toyota, the 2023. We’ve since got information that he actually scammed a gentleman out of Ohio for $10,000 for this car. The car is still unaccounted. We can’t find it. We don’t know if it’s been sold. We figure it’s been sold multiple times. [Zachry Bailey’s wife] has been selling this car to try to get the bond money to bond Zachry out,” stated Chief Barnett. “That’s why we’ve been trying so hard to get this car found, because they just keep using it for a way to gain money to get Zachry out of jail.”

Zachry Bailey. Photo courtesy: Oklahoma County Detention Center.

In the body camera footage of his dad’s arrest, Phillip told the officer Zachry’s wife sold the car to a man in Oklahoma City recently.

Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew:How much of that bond money they got together for him yet?

Phillip Bailey:Well, there’s that car that she got rid of.

Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew:She sold that? Is that hers to sell? Where she leave the car at?

Phillip Bailey: “Some guy up there in Oklahoma City.

Chief Barnett said Zachry’s wife has tried selling his brother’s dirt bike as well for extra money. Screenshots of the conversation between Zachry’s wife and younger brother have been taken into evidence, according to Chief Barnett.

The messages allegedly say Zachry’s wife would give his little brother a small portion of the profit to help bail out Phillip.

Apache Assistant Chief of Police, Ben Lehew told KFOR, “Since the arrest of Zachry Brent Bailey this past week, the Apache Police Department has discovered additional evidence of criminal activities that may have been committed by Zachry Brent Bailey and persons associated with him. Potential victims have been interviewed and there is sufficient reason to believe that a portion of these criminal activities have originated within our jurisdiction.”

Chief Barnett is expecting several more charges to be filed, including Conspiracy to Commit a Felony.

“The Apache Police Department is committed to Protecting the Public and bringing justice to those victims that have had the misfortune of encountering Zachry Brent Bailey and his associates. The Apache Police Department fully intends to hold each and every person, who has played a role in these schemes, fully accountable for their actions,” added Lehew.

News 4 asked Chief Barnett if a search warrant has been obtained for the Bailey’s home. The answer was “not yet.”

“It’s been kind of wild because it just will uncover one thing and it just snowballs into another thing. It’s just been ongoing and they just continuously keep scamming people even up to right now. It’s unbelievable that they just still haven’t stopped. These people know that. They know we’re right on them, but they just continue to keep scamming people,” said Chief Barnett.

With both Phillip and Zachry on 6-year deferred sentences, Chief Barnett said it’s clearly not enough, so he’s pushing for more.

“We’re pushing [for jail time] on all those charges, pushing to hopefully get a motion to revoke,” said Chief Barnett. “Hopefully by next week we’ll have additional charges filed.”

Chief Barnett said he is also looking into Zachry potentially using a contraband cell phone while inside the Oklahoma County Detention Center.

“He didn’t answer but he tried to call [his wife] back. How does that work when he’s in jail? So apparently they got a cell phone in the jail,” said Chief Barnett.

Chief Barnett said he fears if Zachry is bailed out of jail, he and his teenage wife would try to flee the country. If that happens, Chief Barnett said he would request the U.S. Marshal step in.

Zachry’s bond is set at $200,000.