OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok (KFOR) — The Center for Reproductive Rights filed legal action in Tennessee, Idaho, and Oklahoma, where abortion is banned. In Oklahoma, a complaint was filed with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services after Jaci Statton said she was denied an abortion despite having a life-threatening pregnancy.

“There was no chance of a healthy baby, and the pregnancy was life-threatening,” said Jaci Statton, an Oklahoman denied an abortion.

Statton was told by doctors she had a partial molar pregnancy.

“There’s an abnormality of the placenta, and sometimes this can cause complications for the mother. It can become cancerous. You have to remove that that tissue, which is the placenta, and the pregnancy cannot survive without it,” said Dr. Dana Stone, a local M.D.

During Satton’s pregnancy, she said doctors at OU Health agreed she would need an abortion and should receive care, since her health was at risk.

“The ultrasound tech refused to sign off on the exception. he insisted that he could hear a heartbeat and told the doctors that he, that they, could not touch me due to the ban,” said Statton.

That’s when her family was told something they didn’t want to hear.

“They told him they couldn’t touch me until I was crashing and that we should wait in the parking lot until I was about to die,” said Statton.

On Tuesday, a complaint was filed with the U.S. Health and Human Services by the Center for Reproductive Rights. The complaint said OU Children’s Hospital violated the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act in denying Jaci an abortion.

“EMTALA complaints are a form of administrative action, we have asked the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate under this law. It is enforced by a federal agency and the process is administrative as opposed to litigation,” said Rabia Muqaddam, with the Center for Reproductive Rights.

OU Health sent News 4 a statement on Tuesday:

Our physicians and staff remain steadfast and committed to providing the highest quality and compassionate care for women of all ages and stages of life. Our healthcare complies with state and federal laws and regulatory compliance standards. Our physicians and staff are aware of and follow state and federal laws.

OU Health

News 4 reached out to the Department of Health and Human Services, but did not hear back.