LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) – A federally recognized historical building was burglarized overnight into Wednesday just east of Luther. Threatt’s Filling Station is off Route 66 and has a very interesting history to Oklahoma, dating back over 100 years.

The owners of the building said there was no damage to the building itself, but the thieves did break in near the back door. They stole power tools and tried to steal a trailer, obviously frustrating the family who’s owned this historical building for over 100 years.

“This is a very serious situation,” said David Threatt, a member of the family who owns the station.

The building was once a safe haven for African American travelers on Route 66.

Threatt said the building dates back to his great grandfather Allen Threatt Sr. in 1915. The building also has a rich history.

“This this property was part of the traveling circuit for the Negro League,” Threatt said. “A lot of the performers and entertainers that was traveling across country that couldn’t feel safe getting across country, this was a pit stop for them. Back in those days, from Gladys Knight to Pearl Bailey.”

In 1995, it made the National Register of Historic Places.

The thieves broke in and stole several power tools and even tried to steal a trailer full of plywood. They ended up dragging a fence with them, got stuck after hitting a speed limit sign on County Line Road and left the trailer behind.

“We’ve been doing renovations, trying to get it back open for a roadside attraction showing the history of the filling station,” Threatt said. “Really been excited as a family collectively about this whole process. To see someone, break into the building right when we’re getting going is really heartbreaking.”

Authorities were able to recover the trailer about three quarters of a mile down the road from the station, along with the plywood. However, they could not get the power tools.

Threatt said the family is just continuing the renovations to open it as a museum, while hoping those who did this get brought to justice.

“To have that rich history right here in Oklahoma, us as a family, we’re excited about sharing that with Luther [and] the state of Oklahoma as well,” Threatt said.

Threatt said they plan to have something in place for the museum by the Centennial Celebration of Route 66.

He said he also hopes to participate in the Route 66 festivals taking place this summer.

Luther police said since it is a federally recognized historical building, they have been in contact with the FBI to see about any federal charges that could come down if any suspects are caught. As of right now, they do not know who did it.

A video made by the State Historic Preservation Office with more information on Threatt’s Filling Station can be found on YouTube.