LANGSTON, Okla. (KFOR) – At least one student was shot at a Langston University campus apartment early Friday morning.  

“It was a little surprising to hear that like first thing in the morning,” said Ezra McWilliams, a junior at the university. 

According to the Langston Police Department, the incident started with a fight at The Langston Center, better known as TLC. 

“It was a physical fight, and it was broken up by police and the crowd dispersed,” said The City of Langston Police Chief Jay Hill. “The suspect that’s still outstanding, had he come to campus with a firearm looking for the person that he got into a fight with at the TLC, he found him and a friend and unfortunately, they both were shot running away.”

It happened around 2 a.m. 

Hill told KFOR both victims are students. He said one was shot in the leg and said the other was shot in the hand. Both are okay. 

“It’s very rare,” said Hill. “We have a very, very tight knit community here.”

According to Hill, police are still searching for the suspect in the shooting. He’s asking anyone with information to contact the Langston Police Department. 

“We really need to get this guy in custody before someone else gets hurt and our two victims are obviously scared,” said Hill. 

However, despite what police told KFOR, the university posted on Facebook that only one person was shot, and a person of interest is in custody. 

The full post is below: 

KFOR double checked with both the police department and university, and both entities are sticking to their stories. 

Regardless, the violence has students feeling on edge. 

“I’m not used to all of this. I don’t even play with guns or weapons So; I’m happy school is out next weekend,” said Erin Cotton, a junior.