OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A film studio in Oklahoma City says local filmmakers now have access to the latest technology.

Boiling Point Media announced that its LED Virtual Production Studio in Oklahoma City blends virtual sets and special effects to bring the movie to life for the actors.

Instead of a green screen, actors are able to see virtual elements and special effects.

“With a green screen, an actor sits in a driver’s seat during a car chase and has to imagine the scene around them,” said Ryan Bellgardt, owner and director of Boiling Point. “In our LED virtual production studio, the actor experiences the landscape racing by, and the special effects of the car crash they have to dodge.”

Organizers say they use Unreal Engine, which was developed for video games, to render graphics in real-time and reduce the timeline for post-production.

“This is another investment to showcase what Oklahoma City has to offer,” he said.