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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – As dozens of vehicles slammed into one another on a busy roadway in Oklahoma City, fire crews struggled to reach some patients who needed assistance.

On Monday morning, freezing rain caused intermittent slick spots to form on roads across Oklahoma.

Officials say since many of the roads appeared to be fine, drivers were simply going too fast for the conditions when they reached overpasses like Oklahoma Boulevard in Oklahoma City.

In all, it appears that around 20 cars were involved in the wreck.

As a result of the pileup, Oklahoma City firefighters had to crawl on top of vehicles in order to access drivers who were injured.

Once they were able to reach a patient, fire crews had to slide them down the hill to get them to an ambulance.

“We really are extra cautious because when we have somebody on a backboard and we have to move them to either a cot or down a side of an embankment like that, we’re really being as cautious as we can. The last thing we want to do is drop a patient because we can’t gain traction,” said Major Louis Marschik, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

As many as six EMSA ambulances were on scene and one patient was transported in critical condition.

At one point, firefighters even pulled a car seat out of one of the vehicles.

“If you don’t have to be out there, especially on the high overpasses, stay away from those. Stay off the roads if at all possible. We have numerous wrecks throughout the entire city going on right now. They’re definitely stretching our limits with our rigs and I know with EMSA also,” Major Marschik said.