OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahomans are bracing for wildfire outbreaks as a fire warning is issued Tuesday after a fire started in Weatherford.

Oklahoma Forestry Services says hazardous conditions now cover a large portion of Oklahoma through Wednesday. Officials say Tuesday will see a particularly dangerous fire environment brought on by drought-impacted wildland fuels, which is similar to what Oklahoma experienced last Friday.

Image courtesy KFOR, NW of Weatherford

According to the National Weather Service in Norman, a fire warning has been issued at the request of Oklahoma Forestry Services and Weatherford Fire Department for southeastern Custer County.

Fire officials confirm that a dangerous wildfire was located 5 miles west of Weatherford, moving rapidly east-northeast.

Evacuations are being asked for resident to the west and south of the warned area. Authorities are requesting residents to evacuate quickly and follow all safety instructions and do not drive into smoke.

Image courtesy KFOR, Custer County

Travelers can expect traffic delays alongside I-40 between Weatherford and Clinton, due to smoke and fire hazards.

“Numerous fires burning hundreds to thousands of acres are anticipated,” Oklahoma Forestry Services said in a release.

All Oklahomans are encouraged to:

  • Avoid all activities that may spark a wildfire.
  • Report fires to 911 immediately.
  • Evacuate as informed by law enforcement and emergency responders.
  • Monitor for Fire Warnings issued for Particularly Dangerous Situation (PDS) wildfire incidents.