LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) – A Luther family has been reunited with their little girl after she was missing for over two hours Friday morning.

Two firefighters found her and were able to bring back 8-year-old Alexandra Jones.

“She was stuck down there pretty good, all I could see was her little foot,” said Brandon Fields of Jones Fire. Fields was one of the firefighters who officials say found her.

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Luther Police say that many agencies were called out to help just before noon. Down the road was a volunteer stand with a tent and resources for those that wanted to help look.

On top of everything, Jones is deaf.

“I said, well she’s not been kidnapped so she’s around here somewhere,” said Fields.

Fields with Jones Fire along with Tristan Nelson volunteered and began looking near the home.

“We had checked one side of where we actually found her but she was under a pool area that was kind of pretty far back up under things,” said Fields.

It would be Nelson who says he tried coaxing the little girl out but eventually had to pull her out.

“When he kind of pulled her out I said, hey, just give me a big hug,” said Fields. “She grabbed onto me and I got her up here to the house as quickly as I could. Tried to get her some water and some food but we had other paramedics so I just handed her off to the family.”

Jones is safe at home thanks to the help of dozens of volunteers and first responders efforts.

“Seeing her comfortable with her family, yeah, I’m okay with that,” said Fields.