OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Two people had to be rescued from a house fire Tuesday night in northwest Oklahoma City. Fire officials said in this case, their smoke alarms may have saved their lives.

“Had they not had that working smoke alarm in the home, then even the two who escaped wouldn’t have gotten out as quickly as they had,” said Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson with the Oklahoma City Fire Department. “They wouldn’t have made the 911 call as quickly as they did.”

A reminder to check your smoke alarms this winter as they can potentially save your life. That was the case for a northwest Oklahoma City family Tuesday night. Fulkerson said they were called to a home along NW 82nd Street, not far from Northwest Expressway and MacArthur Boulevard, just before 10 o’clock. When firefighters got there, intense flames were already coming out of a bedroom window.

“As it turns out, there were four occupants’ home when the fire started, but only two of them escaped before we got there,” Fulkerson said.

Firefighters wasted no time racing inside the home to save the two people still trapped by the flames. One of the victims was pulled to safety through a bedroom window.

“The crews did a phenomenal job,” Fulkerson said. “They made entry into the home very quickly and they were able to rescue and remove both of those victims to the exterior.”

Fulkerson said both an adult male and adult female suffered from smoke inhalation. The man’s burns were said to be minor while the females were more serious.

“We’re always telling people how important it is to have working smoke alarms in your home and this is an example of why,” Fulkerson said. “Time is just precious, and it’s just so important to have that early notification for sure.”

They don’t know what caused the fire yet, but they suspect electrical issues were a factor.