LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) One of Friday’s many infernos burned through a rural neighborhood in Luther, near Sorghum Mill and Henny Road. 

“Scary. I mean, flames were probably 30 or 40 feet high above the tree line you see down there,” said James Taylor, who said he’s lived in the area for decades. “You would see flames above that, and the wind would just whip it like a flag.”

The Luther Fire Chief, Joseph Figueroa, told KFOR they were called to the area around 3 p.m. Friday. He says they were also assisted by agencies from Jones, Hickory Hills, Forest Park and Choctaw. 

According to Figueroa, the fire burned through at least 20 acres of land. However, he said that was a “conservative estimate.” 

“It wasn’t that there’s been this one giant spectacular fire,” said Taylor. “But it’s been all these little fires that break out and the cedar trees just pop like fireworks.”

Jerri Drake said she has lived and had property in the area for about twenty years. Fortunately, she said she believes her actual house is okay. 

“[But] I have a cabin that I think has burned,” said Drake. 

Figueroa told KFOR that to his knowledge, no other structures were damaged. 

James Taylor added that he couldn’t be more thankful for the heroic efforts of the firefighters. 

“It means everything for me to see these people come out here and risk their lives for strangers,” said Taylor. “Can you imagine that? So, I’m praying for my neighbors. I’ll do anything for them, but these are the real heroes.”

As of Friday at 10 p.m. there were still active hotspots in the area, but the fire chief says crews won’t leave until they are all put out.