OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) —  An Enid man was one of the first heart failure patients to receive a new implant.

Oklahoma medical professionals at the CardioVascular Health Clinic in Oklahoma City are calling the device a game changer. 

“Years ago, back when I was 47, I had a heart attack. They took me in Memphis, put stents in me,” said John Green, a Barostim patient. 

Green, 75, is a professional fisherman living on his farm in Enid. Now, he’s enjoying creating works of art on his Lathe and casting out on his dock. 

After several heart attacks, Green was in the final stages of heart failure, which stopped him from doing what he loves most. 

“I would have to stop before I got to the door of the building and rest before I could go in. And when I went in, I didn’t feel like I wanted to do anything. So I’d turn around and go back and I had to stop and rest again,” said Green. 

“We’d go to the store and he’d have to sit in the car,” said his wife, Vanessa. “If he did make it into the store, he’d have to lean over the cart, because he would be out of breath and dizzy. His legs would give out on him.”

“John actually couldn’t even make it to his dock, you know, to get his boat out and all that stuff,” said Dr. Jim Melton, with the Cardiovascular Clinic.

Doctors, like Jim Melton, said Green was a perfect candidate for Barostim. He was maxed out on medication and needed a heart transplant, until he was offered to recieve the implant. 

The device sits on his carotid artery in the neck and stimulates the area that tells the body to regulate his blood pressure. 

“We stimulate that area with pulses just like we would a pace-maker,” said Dr. Melton. “It helps decrease the workload on the heart.”

Now, people from all over the state are traveling to the clinic to receive the 90-minute procedure. 

“We were the first one to do this in an outpatient setting surgery center,” said Dr. Melton. “Then the patient stays for about 2 hours post-op and goes home.”

Since there’s nothing to carry around with the implant, Green says it’s given him his life back with many more years to come. 

“I couldn’t really play with the grandkids. I’ve got a four year old granddaughter that I now chase, play tag with or whatever,” said Green. “Now that I had the Barostim, I can walk back and forth I don’t know how many times, numerous times. And I never run out of breath. And my legs don’t get weak.”

“You can see it in his complexion, you can see it in his eyes, you can see it in his state of mind,” said Vanessa. “I would probably say that has given us a second chance at life, not just John, but me too, because now I get to enjoy the last part of our lives together”

“If you’ve got heart failure, I think you should have the Barostim. It has helped me tremendously and I’d recommend it to anybody,” said Green.