NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – First responders in Norman had to “think creatively in a disaster” to save people trapped inside a building during the Feb. 26 tornado outbreak.

On Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023, the state of Oklahoma experienced at least a dozen tornadoes. Towns like Norman, Cheyenne, McLoud, Shawnee and others saw areas with extensive storm damage.

According to officials, Norman Regional’s EMSSTAT teamed up with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office to rescue three people stuck inside the Postal Training Center in Norman, Oklahoma.

“Relief,” said Cpt. Saysha Cornish, describing the Sheriff’s Office’s feeling after the rescue. “Definitely relief, because we always want to save someone and when we accomplish that, it’s a relief.”

“I was very happy that we got the ending that we did,” said Riley Furman, an EMSSTAT paramedic. “It was very nice having the deputies there and there was no question about the teamwork that happened.”

Courtesy of KFOR. It’s of Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office deputies and an EMSSTAT paramedic

Norman Regional Nine says sagging powerlines restricted access to the victims so EMSSTAT medics Kaitlyn Gatlin and Riley Furman put their heads together with Cleveland Co. deputies to find a new approach.

They decided to use a low-profile police car to get close enough to the building to evacuate the patients safely. Both teams’ quick thinking resulted in a successful rescue.