BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – Several people are without a home Wednesday after flames tore through at least four condos in Bethany. Three firefighters were hurt while battling the blaze.

The Bethany Fire Chief said one firefighter is recovering from heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation. Two others suffered unknown minor injuries.

“We saw the smoke in there and we got scared and we came running,” said Sanaa Almirshed, who lives nearby.

“We were just driving down and we seen the smoke, and were like, ‘There’s a fire over there,’” said Britney Easterling.

Huge flames erupted near Northwest 16th and Rockwell. Crews from Bethany, Warr Acres, Oklahoma City and Yukon swarmed the Town Square Condominium Homes.

“We were able to see the smoke from 39th and Rockwell. So we knew we had a working structure fire as soon as we pulled out of the station,” said Chief Aaron Whitfield.

The chief said the smoke was overwhelming and destroyed at least four units.

“It went into the attic and we had a tile roof with decking,” said the chief. “It just kept traveling down the attic to the north to the next units.”

“The flames were like, crazy,” said Easterling.

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Firefighters at a condo fire in the metro area.

Easterling also spotted the flames while driving by with her family.

“We just seen the smoke. And normally when we see smoke, we don’t see fire, though,” she said.

The family jumped into action trying to get residents out.

“I got the bang bang bang on the door,” said resident Francis Starr. “So, I opened the door, and she said, ‘Your house is on fire. The house next door is on fire.’”

“The smoke was pouring out and there was all this smoke, and you could see it, you know, just roiling,” said Starr.

Starr and Easterling worked together to alert other neighbors.

“[Starr] was able to actually get several other people out, including someone in a wheelchair who had a padlock on their unit,” said Easterling.

Thankfully, no residents were hurt.

“Thank the Lord we were able to get out. As bad as it was when we arrived on scene,” said Chief Whitfield.

Fire investigators are now working to figure out what exactly started the fire.