MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – Students are back in school for another year, but a teacher in Mustang is also heading back to school again. He’s a familiar face in Oklahoma as he used to be the lead singer in Chainsaw Kittens, a 90’s band from Norman.

“When I formed them, all of the other kittens were in high school. They were seniors in high school. So it’s almost like there’s been this full circle where now I’m teaching high school,” said Tyson Meade, a Rockstar and English teacher.

Chainsaw Kittens band poster, Courtesy: Tyson Meade

A moment Meade says he actually thought about years ago.

“I thought when I was young I would teach high school kids at some point and I was like, oh, that would be, you know, I’d like to do that. And now this completely fell in my lap,” said Meade.

After Chainsaw Kittens stopped touring, Meade moved to New York and China to teach English. Shortly after that, he said it was a time for a new adventure.

“I was record shopping one day and a few days later I had I had a job teaching English. Assistant Principal Wilkie knows me and knows that I am an English teacher and she just had this vision that I would be the right person for this job,” said Meade.

His students said learning about his past made them even more excited for English class.

“I got on Spotify and I listened to some of them and they were…they’re pretty cool,” said Devin, a high school junior.

“He’s got all these cool posters and like, he’s talking about this band that he was in and stuff, and I was like, this guy’s pretty dope,” said Abbey, a high school junior.

“I’m interested in listening to some of his music because I love music myself. I really wanted to be a singer when I was a kid, so just hearing that made me like very excited. Especially when you start talking about labels and stuff,” said Brook, a high school junior.

Meade said he’s proud to be stepping into a new role at Mustang High School.

“I got to live my dream and I try to make the students very aware that I got to live that and I’m so happy I did that…and I’ve told them multiple times… I chose to be here with you,” said Meade.

He also said he’ll always cherish his time in Chainsaw Kittens.

“People said, oh, you’re going to, you’re going to have platinum records, your records are going to go gold. I never really thought about that when I was making records. I just made records that I wanted to listen to,” said Meade.

Some good news for fans of Tyson Meade, he has new music coming out on September 22 with a new band called, Winter Boys.