OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A former Oklahoma County District Judge who was accused of unwanted sexual advances toward female attorneys will not face any charges.

In March of 2021, Oklahoma County District Judge Timothy Henderson was suspended after three female attorneys came forward and accused him of sexual assault.

Days later, he submitted his resignation letter.

The allegations sparked an investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations into allegations that Henderson made sexual advances toward female attorneys.

The attorneys alleged that they waited to come forward because they feared for their jobs.

“I have not been as disappointed and disgusted with the conduct of an elected official as I am in this matter”

Special Prosecutor & District Attorney Jason Hicks

Henderson later admitted to having a sexual relationship with two prosecutors, but he insisted that both were consensual relationships.

Now, a special prosecutor is speaking out on the investigation, saying Henderson will not face charges.

After a thorough investigation, officials say there is “no prosecutive merit to the allegations of sexual assault made against Henderson.”

“In my twelve years as an elected District Attorney, I have not been as disappointed and disgusted with the conduct of an elected official as I am in this matter. Contact between a judge and an attorney should remain professional at all times. Our society is based upon the notion that all people have equal access to justice and will receive a fair trial. When relationships between judges and lawyers becomes too personal, that notion of fairness suffers greatly. Due process demands that all parties conduct themselves with the thought that someone charged with a crime receive a fair trial and that the process is not weighted to one side or the other. While I recognize that relationships develop, those relationships should always remain professional and avoid any appearance of impropriety. As professionals within the court system, we should always strive to achieve the highest of ethical standards. When relationships do develop that become very personal, judges and attorneys have an obligation to ensure their cases are not presented in a courtroom where the results of a case can be questioned because of that relationship.

In this investigation, it is crystal clear that Henderson preyed on young women whom he believed would respond in his favor. His actions generally started with emails, text messages, and an acknowledgement that he was willing and could help them with their careers. Based upon the investigation conducted into Henderson, it is obvious that he violated the trust of the public, and our profession, and as such should NEVER be allowed to practice law again.”

District Attorney Jason Hicks

Henderson’s attorney, Tracy Schumacher, says it “was a very expensive investigation” that should have been conducted by the Oklahoma Bar Association.