MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A former Moore Public Schools cheer coach was arrested Wednesday morning for allegedly raping a then-student from 2017-2019.

Jennifer Hawkins. Photo courtesy: Cleveland County Detention Center.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed in Cleveland County on Monday, a letter was sent to the Moore Public Schools district earlier this year indicating now 45-year-old Jennifer Hawkins had been involved in a sexual relationship with a former student.

The former student revealed he had been in a sexual relationship with Hawkins from August 2017 until 2022.

The student was 16 and a sophomore at Southmoore High School when the relationship began.

“[Victim] described [Hawkins] as being very manipulative and controlling,” court documents read.

When MPS received the letter, several staff members including the Director of Safety and Security for MPS scheduled a meeting with Hawkins.

It was established Hawkins was a cheer coach for MPS in 2017 and was still a coach for MPS at the date of the interview. She coached at Brink Junior High School and Westmoore High School.

During Hawkins’ meeting with MPS staff, she stated the former student had lived with her and her family for the last couple of years until ties were broken in October of 2022.

MPS staff read Hawkins the letter they received from the former student to which it was revealed the two allegedly had sex at Hawkins’ home almost everyday during lunch.

“She at first denied the allegations and then after being confronted with some of the details that the victim was able to give to law enforcement, she ultimately admitted that she did have a sexual relationship with him for several years,” said District 21 Asst. District Attorney, Jennifer Austin.

According to court records, Hawkins stated she first had sex with the former student at her residence on Stepping Stone Ln in Oklahoma City.

Hawkins was asked how many times she had sex with the former student to which she repeatedly stated, “no clue.”

The former student recalls having sex with Hawkins 300+ times at her home.

“[Hawkins] talked about [Victim’s] age at the time they became sexual (16 years of age) and how their relationship would seem odd or inappropriate to other people,” court documents show. “[Hawkins] stated her five-year relationship with [Victim] run together but stated he was an older sophomore and turned seventeen as a sophomore.”

The former student was also interviewed by Oklahoma City Police.

Records show the former student stated during his sophomore year alone, he would get picked up by Hawkins during lunch and driven to Hawkins’ home to have sex.

The former student would then return to school.

“He didn’t have a normal school experience because she was able to exercise that control over him,” stated Austin. “The control that she can have over him and the level of manipulation to take away that high school experience or that childhood for him and immediately thrust him into a secret relationship that he had to keep secret, not only from his family but since he was living in her home with her daughter [he] has to keep that secret also.”

He attended Moore Public Schools until March of 2019 before transferring to Epic online, so the sexual relationship had as a Moore Public Schools student would have been from 2017 to 2019.

Court records show Hawkins initially met the former student through her daughter who is the same age as him, now 21 years old.

“[Victim] dated [Hawkins’] daughter initially then, according to [Victim], [Hawkins] began prompting him for a sexual relationship,” the probable cause affidavit reveals.

The former student recalled the first sexual interaction with Hawkins in August 2017.

The two were watching a soccer game in Hawkins’ living room when Hawkins allegedly put her hand on his genitalia.

Records show Hawkins then performed a sexual act on the former student.

The former student said he remembered Hawkins telling him “he would remember that soccer match for the rest of his life.”

The former student provided OKCPD with text message conversations between him and Hawkins.

The messages are most recent from 2022, but in the messages Hawkins allegedly gets angry with the former student for messaging and observing other females on social media sites.

During the conversations, the former student told Hawkins, “I want you in my life. I just don’t want a romantic relationship,” according to court documents.

Both Hawkins and the former student have mentioned having sexual interactions apart from her home address.

Hawkins was arrested Wednesday morning on one count of second degree rape and another count of sexual battery.

“Even though [Victim] is over the age of 16 which is the age of consent in Oklahoma. The statute reads if he is between 16 and 20 and [Hawkins] is an employee at the same school system, which is what the law read at the time, then it is a crime for her to have a sexual relationship with him.”

Hawkins was booked into the Cleveland County Detention Center where she still sits as of Wednesday night.

“This victim came forward after he was finally able to move away from this individual and realize that what had gone on was wrong,” explained Austin.

Austin said Hawkins’ bond has not yet been finalized.

The Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office has not come to a decision on the punishment they’ll be seeking.

Austin told KFOR once they meet with the former student and review their options, they’ll make a recommendation for punishment.

Austin is hoping there aren’t any other victims involved in this case, but she said it wouldn’t be “uncommon” if there were.

She encourages anyone who may have fallen victim to Hawkins to call their office at 405-321-8268.

Moore Public Schools has confirmed as of January 27, Hawkins no longer works for the school district.

“Moore Public Schools recently learned of an allegation of inappropriate contact between an outside athletic coach and a student that occurred in the past. We immediately contacted the Oklahoma City Police Department, and a report was filed. The coach was immediately released from their duties,” MPS said in a statement on Jan. 27.

Hawkins was also a cheer coach at the University of Central Oklahoma.

UCO told KFOR Hawkins resigned on Jan. 26, citing personal reasons.

Hawkins was involved with hazing allegations on UCO’s cheer team back in 2021.