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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – OSBI has served a search warrant related to a sexual assault case from back in June after a former Norman city councilwoman claimed her neighbor was raped by a stranger who had the wrong woman.

In a social media post from June 27th, former Ward 8 Norman city councilwoman and state senate candidate Alexandra Scott wrote:

“TW: Sexual Assault – Last Night

My neighbor gave me permission to share this experience. I was not home last night.

We live in a duplex, she was raped by stranger who broke into her side of our duplex last night. She had been out with her father, he dropped her off around Midnight and left. Then she was assaulted in her hallway.

Her rapist dug his elbow into her neck, pushed her into the wall, and told her “Maybe next time you’ll learn your lesson.” He threw her on the ground and raped her.

She was taken to NRHS by ambulance, then to the WRC. They took some of her belongings for testing, the police took fingerprint samples. My neighbor is a mother, her daughter was not here last night.

I only found out because our across the street neighbor texted me around 12:30am to see if I was okay since an ambulance and police were outside my place, so I checked on my neighbor this morning when I woke up. She is not okay.

People were passing around my address on social media (and wherever else) for 2 weeks & making light of my experiences with assault and stalking. I’ve received threatening messages and voicemails from men stating they, “hoped I didn’t need the police” when something happened. They got the wrong woman. We are not okay.”

Alexandra Scott

“We were requested by Norman police to investigate,” Brook Arbeitman, an OSBI spokesperson, said. “We obtained a search warrant for some records and we served a search warrant in order to obtain those records.”

Scott gave the warrant to the Norman Transcript, and according to their article, the warrant was for records on Scott’s phone.

Scott tweeted the following on Wednesday:

“The OSBI seized my phone after I VOLUNTARILY went in to give them access to voicemails that may assist in a case they’re working.

Yes, the agent snatched my phone out of my hands after serving me a search warrant.

Because- The police doxxed me, endangered me & OTHERS. When I went in to give them what they needed, I was greeted by a cop who has been smearing me. I told the OSBI agents that I didn’t feel comfortable giving them my phone & data considering literally the entirety of this situation.”

Alexandra Scott

“Our whole purpose and intent is to find justice for the woman who was sexually assaulted and whatever that we need to do legally in order to either rule in or rule out suspects is what we’re going to do for her,” Arbeitman said.

Scott declined to do an interview with News 4.

Last this month, Scott proposed a $4.5 million dollar budget cut to the Norman Police Department. Ultimately, the council voted to cut $865,000 from the Police Department budget.

If anyone has any information about the sexual assault that could help agents find the suspect, call OSBI at 1-800-522-8017 or email

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