OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A former Oklahoma City police officer, who is currently suing the department for compensation after spending nearly three years in jail for various charges that were later either dismissed or acquitted, is once again back in custody – this time for contempt of court.

Luis Maldonado was arrested in 2019 after being accused of kidnapping, threatening to perform an act of violencedomestic abuse, forcible oral sodomy, child neglect, and preventing a witness from giving testimony. He was in jail waiting for the jury trial to conclude.

He was fired from the Oklahoma City Police Department a few months after the charges were first filed, per court documents. Maldonado had been on the force for around four years before being fired.

By November 2021, a jury would find Maldonado not guilty and the counts would be acquitted.

Two weeks after Maldonado got out of jail for his acquitted charges, he was arrested again for somewhat similar charges but with a different accuser. He would then spend nine months in jail because he could not afford the bond.

This time, the case wouldn’t make it before a jury; court records show that a judge dismissed it altogether.

In August of 2023, Maldonado filed a lawsuit against OKCPD Chief Wade Gorley, former Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, Judge Sara Bondurant, the Oklahoma County Detention Center Board of Trustees, and others, claiming his rights were abused.

“The whole time, they just let me rot in jail – lost my house, lose connections with my community,” said Maldonado. “My reputation, professionally or not, is ruined.”

Now, Maldonado is back in the Oklahoma County Detention Center after allegedly failing to pay his mortgage, taxes and child support.

“Mr. Maldonado has been not in compliance essentially the entire time,” said Rachel Bussett, attorney for Maldonado’s ex-wife.

According to the affidavit, Maldonado has not paid the mortgage on his home since January nor has he removed his ex-wife’s name from the mortgage as was ordered by the court in 2019.

Maldonado is also accused of being over $21,600 behind in child support.

“With the exception of an intercepted payment of $2,000 in March 2023, [Maldonado] has not paid child support since December 2020,” the affidavit reads. “The Department of Human Services, Child Support Division Administrative Court found that despite being incarcerated, [Maldonado] had the ability to pay.”

Maldonado was found guilty of contempt of court Wednesday, Sept. 13.

“He was found guilty on three counts of contempt,” said Bussett. “We will be seeking the maximum penalty for each of those.”

Maldonado faces a fine of no more than $500, six months in jail or both, for each count. Sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 29.

“I think this decision, while only about his failure to comply with the orders and this divorce decree, gives justice to all of these women and should speak loudly about his behavior,” said Bussett.