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Correction: The original story did not reflect the correct status of criminal charges and the outcome of the new Trustee. This has been updated. 

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A former OKGOP chairman who was arrested for felony cocaine possession back in 2014 was appointed to Oklahoma County’s jail trust following a unanimous vote by the board of county commissioners on Monday.

“I think I bring a unique perspective having battled through addiction,” Chad Alexander told News 4.

Alexander, former OKGOP chairman, told News 4 he’s hoping to bring his personal experience with addiction and recovery to the table as he takes on a new role on Oklahoma County’s jail trust.

“I originally got addicted to pain pills after getting a couple of scripts from my doctor. He was done, I wasn’t,” Alexander said.

He was arrested back in 2014 for felony cocaine possession. According to court documents, he told the arresting officer that he was an assistant district attorney in Cleveland County.

Alexander was a public information officer for D.A. Greg Mashburn at the time, not an ADA.

He pleaded guilty, receiving a five-year differed sentence.

“For 5 years, I served on the board of the Oklahoma City Metro Alliance, which deals with the DAs and police across the state with diversion programs. There’s a men’s facility and a women’s facility that allows people to recover and be diverted from the prison system,” he said.

That experience is part of the reason why Commissioner Kevin Calvey, district 3, chose Alexander to replace former Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb, who recently resigned from the trust.

Lamb talked about that decision on Flash Point on Sunday.

“Kevin Calvey appointed me. I said hey, my term expired. I’ve been extending that but don’t re-appoint me,” Lamb said.

All three commissioners voted on Monday to appoint Alexander to the position, following some opposition from the public.

“Chad Alexander, he is really nothing but a spinmeister, a right wing extremist spinmeister,” Mark Faulk said during Monday’s public comment.

“If they cannot follow the law, how are they able to enforce and make laws,” Christopher Johnston said.

“We cannot use someone’s addiction as a check against them,” Commissioner Blumert, district 1, said following public comment. “Have all of us messed up? Yes.”

“He has a personal story that is just a great redemption story. He has walked that mile in the shoes of those who are inmates in the jail,” Calvey said.

Alexander will serve a six-year term.

He will be present at the next jail trust meeting on October 18.