OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – After an attempted bribery charge was dropped against a former member of Gov. Kevin Stitt’s Cabinet, he announced that he is preparing to sue the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General.

David Ostrowe, who was Stitt’s Secretary of Digital Transformation and Administration, was indicted in December for attempted bribery of an officer, a felony charge that could have sent him to prison for five years.

Then- Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter said in December that Ostrowe committed attempted bribery “by directing Oklahoma Tax Commissioners Steve Burrage and Charles Prater to waive the interest and penalties of JCG Futures, LLC, which were owed to the State of Oklahoma and if not compliant with this directive, appropriations to the Oklahoma Tax Commission would be withheld.”

Ostrowe was alleged to have said that if the penalties and interests weren’t waived, “State Senator Roger Thompson would punish the Oklahoma Tax Commission.”

Following the sudden resignation of Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter in June, Hunter announced that he had filed a motion to dismiss the attempted bribery charge against Ostrowe.

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David Ostrowe

On Thursday, Ostrowe announced that he will be filing a lawsuit against the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General for “the malicious and wrongful use of a multicounty grand jury,” a release by Ostrowe’s lawyers read.

Ostrowe’s attorneys argue that the criminal charges were filed for “purely political reasons” in 2020.

“The Oklahoma Attorney General’s office should represent the people of the state of Oklahoma and fight for everyday Oklahomans,” said Ostrowe. “Instead, the former Attorney General weaponized his office for personal gain and to protect corrupt state officials. I was falsely charged with outrageous accusations purely to settle political scores. This lawsuit will expose what really went on in the AG’s office. I will not rest until I am assured that such inappropriate conduct is a thing of the past.”

Ostrowe says he believes he was targeted after he criticized the Oklahoma Tax Commission on an October 2020 episode of the “Get Stuff Done” podcast, hosted by the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services.

Ostrowe proposed budget cuts to the Oklahoma Tax Commission and salary reductions in advance of the legislative session. Afterward, he alleges the attorney general’s office filed the bogus charges against him.

He claims that he “lost significant business opportunities because of the willful and outrageous actions of the former Attorney General. And more damaging, Mr. Ostrowe had to face, and continues to endure, significant reputational harm, among other damages, as a result of the malicious prosecution.”

As a result, he says he plans to seek $60 million in damages in a lawsuit that will be filed in 2022.

In June, the office of Oklahoma Attorney General sent KFOR the following statement:

“This case was referred to our office by state officials. The process undertaken was identical to every other case brought before the grand jury. Witness testimony is sworn under oath and lying before the grand jury is a felony. The grand jurors heard testimony and made the decision to issue an indictment.”