OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It was a violent weekend in Oklahoma City as police investigate three homicides and one deadly law enforcement-involved shooting on the Turner Turnpike.

It began Friday afternoon with a violent fight breaking out at an Oklahoma City gas station parking lot near S.W. 94th and Western.

“One person got inside a vehicle, committed an intentional act of striking that person with the vehicle before fleeing the scene in the vehicle,” said Sgt. Dillon Quirk, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. 

The victim, Emmanuel White, died at the hospital.

About an hour later, there was more violence on the city’s southwest side, near S.W. 23rd and Harvey.

“It appears an assault of some kind took place,” Quirk said. 

Two people were stabbed, and Frederick Thomas Jones was pronounced dead. A suspect, Roosevelt Champman, was arrested.

On Saturday, there was chaos on the Turnpike.

Troopers on the Kilpatrick Turnpike were in pursuit of an armed robbery suspect out of Arizona.

The suspect began to fire shots at the trooper with bullets hitting the windshield. 

The chase reached the Turner Turnpike where police stopped the car with a tactical maneuver, but the suspect wasn’t giving up. He reportedly got out of the car and shot at law enforcement.

Officials from OHP, Oklahoma City Police and the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office all responded to the scene.

The suspect, Charles Carswell, was eventually shot and killed by troopers.

On Sunday morning, dispatchers received an alarming call near N.E. 21st and Everest.

A man, identified as Isaiah Williams, was found shot to death in the roadway with no suspects to be found.

“We’re working off the public tips that we get, public’s really good to us and we try to obtain any statements from witnesses that we can,” said Quirk.

Two troopers were injured in the shootout on the turnpike.

Both are expected to recover.