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KINGFISHER COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – An investigation is underway in Kingfisher County after four people were found dead and another hurt following a violent attack at a marijuana grow farm.

“Last night, the Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Office responded to this location on a hostage situation when they arrived at the situation, it turned deadly,” said Captain Stan Florence, with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The OSBI said on Sunday night, Kingfisher County deputies responded to the grow, near EW 600 and NS 2760 just north of Lacey.

There, they found four people, men and women, dead somewhere on the 10-acre farm.

“Can you tell us if this was an international grow operation?” asked News 4. “It appears to be,” replied Capt. Florence.

A fifth victim was hurt.

While Jack Quirk, a journalist with the local paper, All About Hennessey, was on scene last night, he helped firefighters set up a landing pad, so that victim could be flown to OU Health.

“Life EMS brought out a gentleman that had been shot twice, loaded him on the medical helicopter and flew him to a medical center,” said Quirk. “While we were at the landing zone, which is about a half a mile from here, they held the fire department back while the sheriff’s department was investigating.”

All night and morning long, investigators had eyes from the skies and on the ground.

OBN drug agents used huge drones, while OHP searched from a helicopter. Armed agents went from building to building to search for suspects.

They didn’t have any luck – however, investigators say they do have a suspect in mind.

“Don’t know if they’re related, don’t know if they were coworkers, but, certainly these individuals or we believe all familiar with each other,” replied Capt. Florence.

Officials have not released the suspect’s name or any other information about them.

The OSBI said they have found a grow license, but it’s up to the OBN to determine if it is current.